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Bichon Frise Niqqi Snowboards in Honor of the Winter Olympics!

February 18, 2010

It’s Winter Olympics time in Vancouver! I love to snowboard…but I didn’t make it early enough to qualify. Maybe next time! And I’m going for gold!

Here I am practicing in my backyard:

Some of my Twitter friends are also going celebrating the Winter Olympic Games! Check out @aska_alaska and @BearBearD!




I Can’t Wait For Valentine’s Day!

February 10, 2010

I’m sooo exited about Valentine’s Day. I’ve already received some Valentine’s Day cards from my friends!

Twitter Egyptian Anipal Adventure: Mummypawty

December 4, 2009

Egyptian Cartuche:  Meet Us By The Pyramids



*Arrive in Cairo, Egypt at your leisure
*Accomodations on your own
*Cairo City Tour and Shopping Tour


12 pm EST * 9 am PST * 5 pm GMT * 7 pm Egypt
Board the Luxurious Queen of the Nile Anipal Cruise Ship


 *Bacon Beer Lovers Skeet Shooting
    Shoot mini pumpkins while snaking on bacon beer treats
*Cheese Lovers Shuffleboard
    Specially designed cheese pucks provide excitement for this game before and after – Cheese puck eating allowed only after game is completed
*Underwater Polo Game
    Choose your waterproof jerky mallet:  beef, chicken or salmon
*Belly Dancing Classes
    Learn how to move your midriff in style. Coin belts, harem pants and skirts, toe rings and finger cymbals provided
*Pharaoh’s Buffet
    A delicious spread fit for queens and kings.  Flowing champagne, gravy and milk fountains will delight you!
*Nile River sightseeing
    Stroll down the decks or sit on  lounge chairs and marvel at the views
*Dance Like An Egyptian Ballroom
    Dance to your heart’s content to the music provided by our DJs

2pm EST * 11am PST * 7pm GMT * 9pm Egypt
Tour Ancient Egypt

Visit the Pyramids of Giza
Tour The Valley of the Kings
Go back in time at Luxor 

3 pm EST * 12pm PST * 8pm GMT * 10pm Egypt
Board Luxurious Bus To Hurghada 

4 pm EST * 1pm PST * 9pm GMT * 11 pm Egypt
Relax In Hurghada By The Red Sea


*Swim, dive, lay low on the beach
*Play Bow Beach Volleyball

Followed by
*BBQ by the pool at @MisterSnoop’s house
*City tour and shopping


The Cast of Thousands

@MisterSnoop – Your Official Host in Egypt
@MissBusyBiz – Your Cruise Director
@PrincessGwenie – Your Tour Guide and Shopping Mistress

Your Royal DJs
@HankTheDoggy (12pm EST)
@Mattiedog (1pm EST)
@Dogstoyevsky (2pm EST)
@Yoda_The_Dog (3pm EST)

Your Cruise Ship Barktenders
@MadLabM (12pm EST)
@Tweetypie54 (1pm EST)


                                                                                      All Of You,
                                                                                  Special Guests 
                                                                               and Stunt Doubles


                                  Your #MummyPawty Hostess @Niqqi



By special dispensation of Ra and Apep, it’ll be sunny all day long
Observe the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated

You can follow the #mummypawty timeline on Twitter
or use Tweetgrid, search for ‘mummypawty’ hashtag #mummypawty
or any other Twitter apps with timelines


The Day After Halloween…

November 2, 2009

Hi blog friends!

I have to tell you that I had a very fun Halloween weekend. My biggest dilemma, however, was which Halloween costume to pick.

You know that I love dressing up. First I thought I would be Little Red Ridinghood, since I like adventure…but I didn’t think I’d be able to run like I like to. “Maybe I should be Wonder Woman? Yes, of course! I’ll go out and catch bad guys!” But it was Halloween and I really wanted to stay home and wait for the trick-or-treaters… “Let me think,” I said to myself, “I know! I will be a scary small dragon! I am sure they’ll get scared! Ha!” And that’s how I decided…


Here I am by the windown ready for the trick-or-treaters!


Mission accomplished! The kids were so scared when they saw me that I had no choice but to bark so they would not it was me, Niqqi, disguised as a dragon!

And you know what? I would love to see what you were for Halloween!  I’m putting together a photo parade of my anipals dressed for Halloween! (Okay, my mom is helping me…) If you had a chance to dress up, send me your picture HERE! Make sure to include your name and where you are from, if you wish.

It’ll be fun! niqqis-signature4

Dragon Costume for Dogs – Super Easy to Make – No Sewing Required

October 20, 2009


This Halloween I will roar “trick or treat” and will definitely surprise my neighbors! This dragon costume was very easy to make.

First, we needed some measurements:

A  -  B

A - B

A – From my neck to my eyes; B – From my neck to my tail.

C  -  D

C - D

C – My tail front to back plus more if you want the dragon’s  tail longer;
D – Around my belly plus 2 inches. Then I divided that figure in half.

E  -  F

E - F

E – From my neck to the middle point of my front leg;
F – From the middle point of my front leg to the middle point of my hind leg.

H  -  G

H - G

H – My upper leg width; G – From my back down to where my legs start.

Once I took all the measurements, I laid them out on a piece of paper like this to make a pattern.



Then I cut out the parts I didn’t need.




*Green felt – This is the base for the costume, so make sure that you get a piece that’s at least the sum of measurements A, B & C, and twice the measurements of D
*Yellow felt for the triangular back plates
*Red and black felt for the eyes, nostrils and tongue
*Fabric glue, silicone glue and glue gun, or contact cement



Measure the green felt so that its length is the sum of measurements A, B and C, and its width is measurement D multiplied by 2. Fold in half lenghwise. Lay pattern over the felt. Cut out all excess material.


This is what it should look like when you’re done cutting.


Glue the tail together. Glue Velcro on the edges as shown.


Stuff the tail with filler or stuffing. Try on to make sure it fits.


To make the triangular plates, fold some yellow felt in half. The height will be at your discretion. Draw the triangular plates ans shown, leaving a little space in between them.


Cut and glue together.


Glue the triangular plates in place on the back of the costume.


Cut pieces of felt to make the eyes, nostril and tongue and glue in place.


This is what the finished piece should look like! Make a slit at the neck to fish through the collar ring.


This is what I look like from the front.


Ready to go Trick or Treating! (Hope I get some roaring good treats!!)


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