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Happy National Dog’s Day

August 26, 2012

This is really spooky!

I totally forgot today was “National Dog’s Day” until I saw this picture from the Disney movie Frankeweenie. (It’s coming out on October 5th.)  “Youza,” said I, “how could I forget to wish my friends a happy day?”

Frankenweenie Movie - It's National Dog Day!

So here it is: HAPPY  NATIONAL DOG’S DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS! And even if you’re a cat, a stuffed bear, a rabbit, or a ferret, don’t worry.  Today, you can be a dog, or pretend to be one, so we can all celebrate together!

Oh, and speaking of spooky… my brother before me…his name was SPARKY… just like the star in the movie.  You don’t think… I don’t know… I do see a little resemblance.  He was a Cairn Terrier, so his ears always stood up, but he did have hair, and then, one time, he did have to get stitches… I’m just saying….. I think I’m just going to have to watch the movie to fine out!  Period.

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Dogs: Learn Another Language!

October 20, 2008

Yesterday I heard the best joke!  I couldn’t wait to come home and tell my mom.

This is me telling my mom the joke.

This is me telling my mom the joke.

So there was this family of mice that lived in this very nice home…but there was a problem, they had to share it with a not so nice cat.  This kitty was always on the alert to see if he could somehow catch one of the mice.  So one day, the mice were going out for a family outing.  The mom looked out and saw: THE CAT!  “Mom, what are we going to do?” said the children.  Mrs. Mouse said, “Children, watch and learn!”  She went out, stared at the cat and in a very loud voice she said, “ARF! ARF!”  The cat took off and the family was able to go on their outing.  The moral of the story?  It never hurts to know a second language!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!  That’s a funny joke!!!  My mom laughed, too!

In my house we speak three languages: English, Spanish and Lithuanian, and I can understand all three.  I know how to bark in Spanish: “Guau, guau!” and in Lithuanian: “Au, au!”

I’ve been asking some of my friends how to bark in their language and this is what I have so far:

Italian: Bau, bau!
Japanese: Kyan, kyan!
French: Ouah, ouah!
Indonesian: Gong, gong!
German: Wuff, wuff!
Thai: Hoang, hoang!
Philipino: Tahol, tahol! (Thank you, Sweepy!)

I’m compiling a list…so let me know how you bark.

Fluffs & Kisses,

Fun Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

October 11, 2008


This is me about an hour ago.  I got up, walked around for a while, sat down, got up again and hit the chair.  There is NOTHING TO DO!  I am bored.  I am BORED!  I am sooooo BORED!!!

Niqqi is bored!

Niqqi is bored!

There two words that seem to be in everyone’s mouth lately: “The Economy.”  And everything revolves around that.  Like yesterday…all I wanted to do was go for a walk around the block, but my parents were glued to the tv and the tv was telling them all the things they were not going to be able to do…at least for a while.  Hello tv!  Where are you getting all of this information?  Okay, they’re might be things that people may need to put off doing—like a trip around the world, but how about all the fun things we can do that don’t cost a lot of money or are free?  Doing fun things makes us feel better, and if we feel better, somehow things get better.

So I went online and found these fun events dogs and people can do TODAY:

White River Humane Society’s Mutt Strut, Thornton Park Pavilion, Bedford, IN

Bangor Human Society’s PAWS on PARADE, United Technologies Center, Bangor, ME

Pasadena Humane Society’s 10th Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk, Brookside Park, Pasadena, CA – On their site you can watch a fun video of last year’s event


Hawaiian Humane Society’s PETWALK, Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, HI

Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii



Hudson Valley Humane Society’s Doggie Day in the Park, Kennedy-Dells Park, New City, NY (October 19th)

Humane Society of Westmoreland County’s Whisker Walk, Twin Lakes Park, Greensburg, PA (October 26th)

Humane Society of Harford County’s Walk & Wag-a-thon, Harford County Equestrian Center, Fallston, MD (November 8th)

So I sat my parents down and had a long conversation with them.  They agreed with everything I said.  And you know what we’re doing today?  We’re going for a Halloween House Walk.  We’re going to see how people have decorated their houses.  And you know what?  It doesn’t cost anything! 

I’d better get ready and fluff myself up for a fun day ahead!