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Twitter Egyptian Anipal Adventure: Mummypawty

December 4, 2009

Egyptian Cartuche:  Meet Us By The Pyramids



*Arrive in Cairo, Egypt at your leisure
*Accomodations on your own
*Cairo City Tour and Shopping Tour


12 pm EST * 9 am PST * 5 pm GMT * 7 pm Egypt
Board the Luxurious Queen of the Nile Anipal Cruise Ship


 *Bacon Beer Lovers Skeet Shooting
    Shoot mini pumpkins while snaking on bacon beer treats
*Cheese Lovers Shuffleboard
    Specially designed cheese pucks provide excitement for this game before and after – Cheese puck eating allowed only after game is completed
*Underwater Polo Game
    Choose your waterproof jerky mallet:  beef, chicken or salmon
*Belly Dancing Classes
    Learn how to move your midriff in style. Coin belts, harem pants and skirts, toe rings and finger cymbals provided
*Pharaoh’s Buffet
    A delicious spread fit for queens and kings.  Flowing champagne, gravy and milk fountains will delight you!
*Nile River sightseeing
    Stroll down the decks or sit on  lounge chairs and marvel at the views
*Dance Like An Egyptian Ballroom
    Dance to your heart’s content to the music provided by our DJs

2pm EST * 11am PST * 7pm GMT * 9pm Egypt
Tour Ancient Egypt

Visit the Pyramids of Giza
Tour The Valley of the Kings
Go back in time at Luxor 

3 pm EST * 12pm PST * 8pm GMT * 10pm Egypt
Board Luxurious Bus To Hurghada 

4 pm EST * 1pm PST * 9pm GMT * 11 pm Egypt
Relax In Hurghada By The Red Sea


*Swim, dive, lay low on the beach
*Play Bow Beach Volleyball

Followed by
*BBQ by the pool at @MisterSnoop’s house
*City tour and shopping


The Cast of Thousands

@MisterSnoop – Your Official Host in Egypt
@MissBusyBiz – Your Cruise Director
@PrincessGwenie – Your Tour Guide and Shopping Mistress

Your Royal DJs
@HankTheDoggy (12pm EST)
@Mattiedog (1pm EST)
@Dogstoyevsky (2pm EST)
@Yoda_The_Dog (3pm EST)

Your Cruise Ship Barktenders
@MadLabM (12pm EST)
@Tweetypie54 (1pm EST)


                                                                                      All Of You,
                                                                                  Special Guests 
                                                                               and Stunt Doubles


                                  Your #MummyPawty Hostess @Niqqi



By special dispensation of Ra and Apep, it’ll be sunny all day long
Observe the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated

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