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P!nk Makes Pink Even Better! An Amazing Pink Pup Story Worth Celebrating!

December 31, 2011

There’s no question that there’s something to be said about Pink Pups. I know for a fact that true Pink Pups are driven by a non-relenting with to make the world a better place.

Today, we’re celebrating a Pink Pup with the biggest heart…and that is singer P!nk herself!  Here’s the story:

Pop Singer Pink Contributed to save Stella, a pup who had been thrown out of a speeding car.

Photos courtesy of and

On December 26, 2011 Good came head to head–heart to heart–against Evil.  Someone threw a puppy out the window of a moving car off an overpass in Los Angeles.  When Ace of  Hearts Dog Rescue came to her, they found out she had three broken legs and needed immediate surgery.  Because there is a God (dog spelled backwards) pop singer P!nk offered to pay for the surgery, which amounted to over $5,000.00.

We are happy to report, that Stella, the pup, is doing well, and that, according to reports, she’s found a forever family.

For her, for P!nk, and for everything good, we’re celebrating today with a Pink Pup Pawty!  Let the celebrating begin!  Use hashtag #PPPawty on Twitter.  You can see us on Twitter, Tweetdeck or Tweetgrid.

Help Yourself!  We’re Not Your Mothers!


Pink Appetizers for our End of Year Pink Pups Pawty


Pin Pup Pawty Pink Drinks


Delicous Pink Main Meals for our Pink Pups Pawty


Pink Desserts to all Pink Pups



Niqqi's Signature


Pink Pups Pink PJ Pawty On Twitter

August 28, 2010

Pink Pups Pink PJ Pawty HeaderWe’re so glad you came to the  Pink Pups’ end of summer #PinkPJPawty!

Follow our party by using the search function on Twitter or at Tweetgrid using this hashtag:

This is the hashtag used for #PinkPJPawty

Please grab one of our Pink Goody Bags!

 #PinkPJPawty Goodie Bag

This is what’s inside:

Pink Goodie Bag Content

* A Full Bottle of Pink Pup PINK
Directions: Drink it slowly, but drink the whole thing.
The best part is at the bottom.
Active Ingredients: Fun, giggles, BOLS, MOLS, joy,
happiness and laughter.
Warning: It may cause you to laugh so hard,
you may pee in your pants.

*Hello Kitty Tattoos
Don’t worry, they come off.

* Pink Pawty Hats
To celebrate @PrincessGwenie’s and @MisterSnoop’s birthdays!

* A Set of Four Adjustable Beaded Ankle Bracelets

* Eau de Rose Atomizer
Spray at home to remember the good time you had at #PinkPJPawty

* Pink Rose Petal Confetti

* Pink Marracas and Whistle
Use during the Pink Pup Conga Line or whenever

* Pink Bubble Gum Lip Gloss Balm

* Pink Bon Bons
Filled with bacon

*Your Official Pink Pup Badge

This is the official Pink Pups Badge


Easter Daylight Time (EDT)
Saturday, August 28, 2010


5 pm – Grab a Pink Goody Bag

5:30 pm – Game: Velcro The Tail On The Squirrel and
Chase Him Around The Room
Note: no real squirrels will be used – @MissBusyBiz’s brother Mac agreed to wear a squirrel costume in spite of being totally annoyed and embarrassed. We agreed to use Velcro instead of pins.
Missy asked “Why?”

6:30 pm – Game: Race Around The Room Without Putting Your Paws On The Ground
Good luck!

7:00 pm – Birthday Pawty for @PrincessGwenie and @MisterSnoop

Pawdicure Bar
OPI Hotdog Pink Polish Allowed Only

Hello Kitty Tummy Tats
Don’t worry, they are removable

This is the official Pink Pups Badge

THE ENTERTAINMENTThis is a pair of pink electric guitars

We are totally tickled pink to have the debut of two…well, really four DJs who will delight us with their selections:

Dusty and Hurley
Smokey and Ody

This is the official Pink Pups Badge


Help Yourselves To This Delightful Pink Pup Buffet
and Open Bar

This is a pink buffet table Image  courtesy of

Rest assured, bacon has been used in all these
magnificent creations.

These are drinks being served at the twitter #PinkPJPawtyYour choice of pink punch, pink champagne or pink beer.

This is the official Pink Pups Badge

Due Credit Where Credit Is Due

This pawty was the inspiration and
came at the instigation of @MissBusyBiz.
Thank you, Missy, for reminding us that we must
stop along the way and just have fun!


These are the original Twitter Pink Pups

The original Twitter Pink Pups:
Tallulah, Gwenie, Jinx, Niqqi, Missy, Pixie and Luna


This is the official Pink Pups Badge

A Pink Pup Production

You can still RSVP here!

Chicago Dog Walk

May 23, 2010

OMD!  It was sooo much fun!

This is what happened:  My friend Cosmo was coming over to Chicago all the way from Atlanta to spend Mother’s Day with his grandma.  He had the B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T idea to ask if any of his Twitter friends in the Chicago area would want to meet with him!

We had so many respond, but being that it was Mother’s Day and some had other plans, only four of us were able to meet:  Sid, Bosco‘s sister Ginger, Cosmo and I.  We rendezvoused by Lake Michigan and had the bestest of times, as you will see:

Now I look forward to other meet-ups and hopefully seeing videos of more Twitter anipal friends meet-ups  all over the world!


Mission Accomplished at Area 51 Twitter Anipal Adventure Pawty

April 13, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Teams of intrepid Twitter anipals fought dogfights in the air, flew planes and interplanetary vessels, dug tunnels, barked, distracted and diverted, sniffed and tracked, looked out, jumped and punched!  Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs alike united to save a dog…one single dog, Laika–the first dog to orbit the Earth, who, in our imagination, was caught in a time warp, crashed into the Earth, and was captured and taken to #Area51.  She was finally saved by a group of Twitter anipals who cared and felt it was necessary to risk it all.

The story might be imaginary, but the situation is indeed very real.  It happens every day, everywhere.  By no choice of theirs, dogs, cats and other animals are abandoned, and left to fend for themselves in an inhospitable world.  Sometimes they are caught. Sometimes they are saved.

If you are an Anipal, take a moment to appreciate your luck.  If you are a human, take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love we, anipals, give you.  If you are a human void of that love, go out to a shelter and search:  your best friend is waiting for you!

The Teams That Made This Rescue Possible

This was another Twitter Anipal Adventure presented to you by  @SmokeyPoodle and @Niqqi.
@niqqi productions

Read more about Area 51, Laika and the beginning of the space program on Smokey’s Blog.

Commander RoboDogg Arrives to Area 51 Twitter Anipal Adventure Pawty

April 13, 2010

Commander RoboDogg contacted @SmokeyPoodle and me to help in the rescue of @DoggaXT a.k.a Laika from Area51.

Her name was actually Laika. She was the first dog to orbit the Earth in 1957.  She was launched from Russia into space.  Her peril was expected and anticipated.

This is Laika, the first dog to orbit the Earth

But in our story, Laika’s future is not as certain as expected.  While in orbit, she is saved by an alien craft piloted by Commander @RobboDog.  They bond immediately and he vows to take her to his planet.  Unexpectedly, the vessel goes into a time warp and crashes into Earth.  The aliens manage to escape, but not Laika, who is taken into Area 51.

Eventually, Laika finds an old computer and discovers Twitter.  She signs in as @DoggaXT and starts sending “smoke signals” of the Twitter kind.  @SmokeyPoodle and I read her tweets and become concerned.  She spills the beans and shares the truth.  We are determined to help her out, but find it impossible.  Commander @RoboDogg contacts us as he is planning a new trip to Earth and his intention is to save Laika and take her back with him.  But he needs our help.  We try, but realize we need a village…and our village resides in Twitter.  So we summon anipals from all corners of the world to come to Laika’s rescue.  Commander @RoboDogg meets us on Earth.  Our mission begins:

The teams get together and go forth!