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Niqqi Has The #BarkWorld Blues

August 24, 2010

I had sooo much fun at Bark World Expo! I met so many of my Twitter friends and made a bunch of new ones!

But now we’re back home and I have the #Barkworld blues!

Well, there’ll be another Bark World next year…



If You Could Wish Anything In The World, What Would It Be? #WishfulWednesday

August 5, 2010

Wishes are magical!  Sometimes you all you have to do is believe and they come true.

I called today #WishfulWednesday and I asked my friends on Twitter what they wished for.  Here’s what they said:

@duckshowers A Healthy World of people and animals!! :))

@LeoPussMan Me wish is dat all anipals everywhere is healthy & happy!

@SmokeyPoodle For #WishfulWednesday, I would wish for the the gates to the Rainbow Bridge to be closed! So our beloved anipals could stay with their loving families forever!

@WrigleyDaDogg Bacon, lots of Bacon.

@ThisGoodThatBad I’d wish for even just one day when not one animal is euthanized for being sick or unwanted. Ideally forever, but one day is a start.

@Charshy_pup on #WishfulWednesday I’d want all da stray & shelter anipals to fond good homes & no more breeding for fashion

@hookalopes Sista! We wish for 7″ diamond acrylic platform shoes, hot tub with @ShibberingC oh and world peace #Wishfulwednesday *clop clop clop*

@SantinaKitteh ize got the greatest furriends in the World, ize wish they do too!

@CheshireK I would wish that my human would feel as good as she does today EVERY DAY (and that I would get all better soon.) #WishfulWednesday

@mariodacat that all the anipals who are ill, could be well again!!

@BearBearD That is so hard! Just 1? Like World Peace? Everyone in the world healthy & happy? No more homeless animals, only happy ones?

@BlindMaximus I wish the Girl had people to massage. It would give her something to and she could make money and maybe be happy. #WishfulWednesday

@ Soozi13 Ok My Wish would be for a Healthy family 🙂

@BearBearD I thought u said wish, not wishes. Much better to have lots of wishes. Oh. I wish Fuzz’s toe would be all better.

@BorisKitty i would wish fur all kibble bowls everywheres to always be full! #WishfulWednesday

@ondineb I wish for my boy Jared 4ever #WishfulWednesday

@PrincessGwenie I wish that Blondie could sell her books & meet you & all my anipals in pawson!

@JustAnotherTrnd #WishfulWednesday wish- that I lived closer to Niqqi & could go to the park with her! DUSTY: I wish for World Peace & a bone!

@PiruloFurry I wish I could get together with aaaaalllll my furry friends.

@Preston_Speaks I wish that no more animals got abused!

@prrxlots We all wish that all of the animals that don’t have homes would get great homes with lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses.

And my wish is for all your wishes to come true!  Your wish is only a wish away!


P.S. Do you want your wish on this list?  Leave me a comment or a tweet to me!