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Looking For Nessie *The Loch Ness Monster* With My Twitter Friends

October 11, 2009

Guid mornin everyone!

Today, October 11, 2009, I am taking my Twitter friends on another submarine adventure!  This time we are meeting at Urquhart Castle in northern Scotland.  We are going to explore the cold, dark and murky waters of Loch Ness in a submarine my dad made especially for us:  The DOGFISH! Our goal is to come face to face with the legendary Loch Ness Monster!!  We are going to have a #LochNessPawty!

Map2 Urquart Castle3

X marks the spot of our meeting! Anipals from all corners of the world are coming to embark into this exciting expedition!  We have representatives from the Scotland, England and Ireland, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Croatia,  the U.S.  and many other places!  I am thankful to my friends @no_crybaby_doGs for suggesting this party, @Pandafur and @SnowyDaze for picking up anipals on their super fast jets, @Dogstoyevsky for bringing the trawler Atlantis with many onboard,  @EmmyTheCat for lending her supersonic Eco-Copter, and to @OatieDog for volunteering her submarine to give tours to those who came in at the last minute.  I also want to thank all of you who offered to D.J. and to those who  are bringing beverages,  treats, nets and harnesses, maps, scuba suits, and gas masks in case somone feels compelled to pass gas in the submarines.

But especially I’d like to thank THE CREW and my crazy parents:   You made this fantasy possible!

It will be a day filled with food, games, excursions and tours, submarine rides and, above all, a chance for all of us to be together and have fun!  So here is to you, my friends–have a great #LochNessPawty!

NOTE: You can follow #LochNessPawty on the “Search” feature of , on hashtag #lochnesspawty, search lochnesspawty, and  on or

REMEMBER!! Add the Hashtag #LochNessPawty To Your Comments So Everyone Can Read Them!
And Observe The Golden Rule–and I’m not talking about retrievers–Treat Others The Way You’d Like To Be Treated!


For this adventure the weather will sunny and warm all day long–except under water…

1pm CST (2pm EST, 7pm UK) – Meet up


(not associated with any of the above)

Continuous Onsite Treats and Beverages Courtesy of Those Who Brought Them

1:45 pmCST (2:45 pm EST, 7:45 pm UK)



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Pilots-N-Paws: Rescued Dogs Fly To Freedom!

September 12, 2009

Hi Everyone!

September 12th to the 20th will be a week 5,000 of my fellow dogs will always remember!   For one, they will be flying in an airplane–most likely for the first time–but most importantly, it will be their flight to freedom.

Rommel And His Pilot Patrick

Rommel And His Pilot Patrick

Debi Boies is the co-founder of Pilots-N-Paws, a group of dedicated animal lover pilots who volunteer to fly dogs who are facing imminent demise to loving homes and no-kill shelters.  In an interview with Kate Snow of Good Morning America, Debi Boies said Pilots-N-Paws hopes to fly 5,000 animals this week.  The average trip costs about $2,000 per dog, but it’s tax deductible.  5,000 animals and a million smiles!

Pilots-N-Paws has already rescued thousands of animals.  Their stories are told in three incredible photo albums:  Album 1, Album 2, and Album 3.  Rommel’s voyage, “Saving Rommel,”  was also documented on YouTube and it’s worth watching!

So, if you don’t have an airplane and can’t volunteer for this outstanding mission, take your bike, take your car, the bus, or simply your feet.  There are many of us who would love a home today.  You have to take the first step.


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People: Niqqi Is Back!

August 17, 2009

Niqqi Takes A Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s been a while.  I’ve missed you all terribly!!   But I’m back!   It all started last November, after Thanksgiving, when I decided to take a hot air balloon ride…  It was a long and interesting trip.  Where should I start? Well…watch my video!

Affectionally yours,

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