Happy National Dog’s Day

This is really spooky!

I totally forgot today was “National Dog’s Day” until I saw this picture from the Disney movie Frankeweenie. (It’s coming out on October 5th.)  “Youza,” said I, “how could I forget to wish my friends a happy day?”

Frankenweenie Movie - It's National Dog Day!

So here it is: HAPPY  NATIONAL DOG’S DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS! And even if you’re a cat, a stuffed bear, a rabbit, or a ferret, don’t worry.  Today, you can be a dog, or pretend to be one, so we can all celebrate together!

Oh, and speaking of spooky… my brother before me…his name was SPARKY… just like the star in the movie.  You don’t think… I don’t know… I do see a little resemblance.  He was a Cairn Terrier, so his ears always stood up, but he did have hair, and then, one time, he did have to get stitches… I’m just saying….. I think I’m just going to have to watch the movie to fine out!  Period.

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4 Responses to “Happy National Dog’s Day”

  1. Brian Says:

    Happy National Dog Day to you sweet Niqqi.

    • niqqi Says:

      Thanks, Brian! Same to you! As I said, it’s okay to be a dog for a day. I can’t wait to celebrate National Cat’s Day!

  2. Lorenza Says:

    Happy Dog’s Day!

    • niqqi Says:

      Hey, Lorenza! Haven’t talked with you in dog years! Glad to connect again and Happy National Dog’s Day to you, too!

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