Niqqi Faces Her Fears and Dresses Up as a Scarecrow for Halloween

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk with my mom when, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing totally still in my neighbor’s yard.  Where did he come from? He wasn’t there before!  I cautiously approached him.  He had a plaid shirt and overalls and corn stalks coming from his pant legs, his sleeves and down from his funny hat.  I barked and ran around him, trying for him to move or say something…but nothing!  It just stood there, as if frozen in time.

On a walk with her mom, Niqqi meets a scarecrow.

To be honest with you, I was a little scared.  My mom explained to me it was a scarecrow…a person-like figure made from sticks and old clothes that  farmers often place in the fields to discourage birds from eating the seeds or the crops.  My neighbor was using it as a decoration for Halloween. The story didn’t convince me at all.   I sooo wanted the scarecrow to say something back to me.   How could he not? Still scared, I went back to get some response from him, but nothing happened.

So, I decided to face my fears, and see what it would be like to be a scarecrow myself.  My mom made me a scarecrow costume and when Halloween came, I put it on having decided I was going to stay super still and see if I could trick any of the kids coming to my door.  You might have guessed it, I didn’t work! I tried sooo hard, but the minute the trick-or-treaters came by, I forgot the whole thing and I went to greet them with my tail wagging!  I didn’t want them to be scared after all. It was so much fun!  I passed out candy and all the kids said I looked cute in the scarecrow costume and they laughed.

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When Halloween was over, I went to my neighbor’s yard to leave a piece of candy for the scarecrow and to tell him I wasn’t scared of him any more. But when I got there, I saw a bag shaped as a pumpkin.  It had tag and it said, “To Niqqi.” What? Something for me? I could tell without sniffing it too much that there were dog treats inside!  Wow!  From the scarecrow?  I looked up and gave him a big smile and said, “Thanks!” And you know what?  I think I saw him smile back and  heard him whisper “Happy Halloween, Niqqi!”

Niqqi received a Halloween treat bag from the scarecrow.


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4 Responses to “Niqqi Faces Her Fears and Dresses Up as a Scarecrow for Halloween”

  1. Teagan Says:

    Niqqi I sooo wish you could have come trick or treating to my door and I’d have loved to come knocking on your door!! We only ever get one lot of callers that have one black dog that doesn’t dress up not even a teeny tiny bit.
    I think you look absolutely splendid as a scarecrow, even if you do look like a pretty friendly one and not a frightening scarecrow!

    • niqqi Says:

      Teagan! Let’s make plans right now to go treat-or-tricking together next year! For Sure!! *whispering* And what’s with that dog not dressing up?? It was fun being a scarecrow, but it must take a lot or practice to stay still…because I just couldn’t do it!

      Fluffs, Niqqi

  2. @tildatoo Says:

    Hi Niqqi! What a great costume! You look fabulous! We’re very glad that you overcame your fear of the scarecrow, sounds like he’s a good guy after all!

    • niqqi Says:

      Yes, Pru, that proved to me that sometimes we are all quixotes fighting windmills! Glad you liked the costume!

      Fluffs, Niqqi

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