Pink Pups Pink PJ Pawty On Twitter

Pink Pups Pink PJ Pawty HeaderWe’re so glad you came to theĀ  Pink Pups’ end of summer #PinkPJPawty!

Follow our party by using the search function on Twitter or at Tweetgrid using this hashtag:

This is the hashtag used for #PinkPJPawty

Please grab one of our Pink Goody Bags!

 #PinkPJPawty Goodie Bag

This is what’s inside:

Pink Goodie Bag Content

* A Full Bottle of Pink Pup PINK
Directions: Drink it slowly, but drink the whole thing.
The best part is at the bottom.
Active Ingredients: Fun, giggles, BOLS, MOLS, joy,
happiness and laughter.
Warning: It may cause you to laugh so hard,
you may pee in your pants.

*Hello Kitty Tattoos
Don’t worry, they come off.

* Pink Pawty Hats
To celebrate @PrincessGwenie’s and @MisterSnoop’s birthdays!

* A Set of Four Adjustable Beaded Ankle Bracelets

* Eau de Rose Atomizer
Spray at home to remember the good time you had at #PinkPJPawty

* Pink Rose Petal Confetti

* Pink Marracas and Whistle
Use during the Pink Pup Conga Line or whenever

* Pink Bubble Gum Lip Gloss Balm

* Pink Bon Bons
Filled with bacon

*Your Official Pink Pup Badge

This is the official Pink Pups Badge


Easter Daylight Time (EDT)
Saturday, August 28, 2010


5 pm – Grab a Pink Goody Bag

5:30 pm – Game: Velcro The Tail On The Squirrel and
Chase Him Around The Room
Note: no real squirrels will be used – @MissBusyBiz’s brother Mac agreed to wear a squirrel costume in spite of being totally annoyed and embarrassed. We agreed to use Velcro instead of pins.
Missy asked “Why?”

6:30 pm – Game: Race Around The Room Without Putting Your Paws On The Ground
Good luck!

7:00 pm – Birthday Pawty for @PrincessGwenie and @MisterSnoop

Pawdicure Bar
OPI Hotdog Pink Polish Allowed Only

Hello Kitty Tummy Tats
Don’t worry, they are removable

This is the official Pink Pups Badge

THE ENTERTAINMENTThis is a pair of pink electric guitars

We are totally tickled pink to have the debut of two…well, really four DJs who will delight us with their selections:

Dusty and Hurley
Smokey and Ody

This is the official Pink Pups Badge


Help Yourselves To This Delightful Pink Pup Buffet
and Open Bar

This is a pink buffet table Image  courtesy of

Rest assured, bacon has been used in all these
magnificent creations.

These are drinks being served at the twitter #PinkPJPawtyYour choice of pink punch, pink champagne or pink beer.

This is the official Pink Pups Badge

Due Credit Where Credit Is Due

This pawty was the inspiration and
came at the instigation of @MissBusyBiz.
Thank you, Missy, for reminding us that we must
stop along the way and just have fun!


These are the original Twitter Pink Pups

The original Twitter Pink Pups:
Tallulah, Gwenie, Jinx, Niqqi, Missy, Pixie and Luna


This is the official Pink Pups Badge

A Pink Pup Production

You can still RSVP here!


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One Response to “Pink Pups Pink PJ Pawty On Twitter”

  1. SnowyWestie Says:

    Absolutely pawsome, pink pups!!

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