Mix Up In Heaven Delivers Bichon Instead of Human – The Niqqi Story

This is the story of how I found my family and my forever home…

This is the story of how Niqqi finds her forever familyl

There I was, sitting in God’s office, waiting to pick my parents out. You know the drill:  you go into God’s office, you are shown several candidates and you choose your parents to be.

It’s a very exciting event and I don’t know how God does it to accommodate all the newborns. It helps that in Heaven, time goes much faster than on Earth. What could be weeks on Earth, is barely a minute in Heaven…so let’s say that things happen fast, and that sometimes…I get distracted.

I was shown in and became immediately in awe with the decorating, especially the wallpaper.  It was beautiful angel wallpaper, radiant and subdued at the same time, and just gorgeous!

Suddenly,  I realize He’s asking me what I think of the first candidates, and that all I can think of is how to get the name of His interior designer…

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