Commander RoboDogg Arrives to Area 51 Twitter Anipal Adventure Pawty

Commander RoboDogg contacted @SmokeyPoodle and me to help in the rescue of @DoggaXT a.k.a Laika from Area51.

Her name was actually Laika. She was the first dog to orbit the Earth in 1957.  She was launched from Russia into space.  Her peril was expected and anticipated.

This is Laika, the first dog to orbit the Earth

But in our story, Laika’s future is not as certain as expected.  While in orbit, she is saved by an alien craft piloted by Commander @RobboDog.  They bond immediately and he vows to take her to his planet.  Unexpectedly, the vessel goes into a time warp and crashes into Earth.  The aliens manage to escape, but not Laika, who is taken into Area 51.

Eventually, Laika finds an old computer and discovers Twitter.  She signs in as @DoggaXT and starts sending “smoke signals” of the Twitter kind.  @SmokeyPoodle and I read her tweets and become concerned.  She spills the beans and shares the truth.  We are determined to help her out, but find it impossible.  Commander @RoboDogg contacts us as he is planning a new trip to Earth and his intention is to save Laika and take her back with him.  But he needs our help.  We try, but realize we need a village…and our village resides in Twitter.  So we summon anipals from all corners of the world to come to Laika’s rescue.  Commander @RoboDogg meets us on Earth.  Our mission begins:

The teams get together and go forth!


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