The Details for Area 51 Twitter Anipal Adventure Pawty

Area51 Pawty is almost upon us!  It’s time for us to reveal some of the details and organize the rescue teams.  This video will explain what’s going on:

On Sunday, April 11th, 2pm EDT, we are meeting here:

A tent in the Nevada Desert

Here are the teams.  If your name is not here, feel free to join any of them.  They are all good!

Aerial Recon, Barker and Digger Teams for #Area51 @DoggaXT RescueThe Aerial Recon Team keeps constant surveillance of the area and alerts other teams of possible problems.  They have thousands of flying hours and can recognize an ant from 30,000 feet up in the air.
The Barker Team has developed a special barking code for communication. No one has been able to decipher it–except anipals.
The Digger Team is coming prepared with paws, nails, shovels and more to dig tunnels to get to DoggaXT.  They are skillful and replace divots.

The Diversionist, Fast Jumper and Guard Dog Distractor Teams at #Area51 #TopSecretMissionThe Diversionist Team will keep you guessing.  You will never know which way to go, except when necessary.  Expect the unexpected.
The Fast Jumper Team
will surprise you with their agility.  They get from here to there in a moment’s notice.  They also climb buildings.
The Guard Dog Distractor Team is comprised of highly organized and astute Mata Hari-type members.  Every word has a meaning, every action has a consequence.

The Spaceship, Muscle and Lookout Teams for #Area51 #TopSecretMissionThe Spaceship Team was trained by NASA and knows the ins and outs of space travel.  They are so smart, they can even command alien crafts.  They will impress you with their knowledge.
The Muscle Team is not what you think.  No mush in their brains, just uberintelligence.  But, unlike geeks, they are formidable in all respects, training at the gym while reading up on alien rescues.
The Lookout Team is the most alert body of anipals in the history of history.  Trained in ultra-sensory perception, they can hear a bird fly 100 miles away–but that’s only if it matters.  Look out!

The Sniffer/Tracker, Stealth and Suave Teams bring their expertise to #Area51 #TopSecretMissionThe Sniffer/Tracker Team has noses no one believes real.  Some say they are bionic.  The truth is that they can sniff trouble anywhere and that they leap to action and are never wrong.
The Stealth Team is sometimes here, and sometimes there.  You will never know where they will appear.  They are clothed by a state-of-the-art stealth cloak that also enables them to travel in time.
The Suave Team is comprised by 007 look-alikes.  They are smooth and debonair and can start dancing at the spur of the moment.  They are smart and incredibly handsome.


DJs for #Area51 pawtyOur Djs and entertainers are out of this world.  Wait until you hear what they have planned for you!

If you’re wondering what to wear, just follow your instinct and dress up for the occasion.

If you’re wondering what to bring, just bring yourself.

If you have any questions, ask.

See you there!

Smokey and Niqqi


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3 Responses to “The Details for Area 51 Twitter Anipal Adventure Pawty”

  1. Tweets that mention #Area51 #TopSecretMission: A Twitter Anipal Adventure on April 11, 2010 – The Details! « Niqqi’s Weblog -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Corky and Francy Saunders, Francy Saunders. Francy Saunders said: have you ever come to a anipal pawty? Well we get together to joke and have fun take a look Join us this Sunday […]

  2. Pandafur Says:

    Iz so xcited to halp reskew Lika, we just haz to reunite her wiv Robodawg. Her iz a hero after all! Meow power!

  3. Pandafur Says:

    What a fantastik event niqqi, thanks you so much for inviting me, I had fun an Iz so happy we reskewed dat space doggy.

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