Bichon Frise Niqqi Snowboards in Honor of the Winter Olympics!

It’s Winter Olympics time in Vancouver! I love to snowboard…but I didn’t make it early enough to qualify. Maybe next time! And I’m going for gold!

Here I am practicing in my backyard:

Some of my Twitter friends are also going celebrating the Winter Olympic Games! Check out @aska_alaska and @BearBearD!




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10 Responses to “Bichon Frise Niqqi Snowboards in Honor of the Winter Olympics!”

  1. Teagan Says:

    Wow Niqqi, that looks like such fun! You have good technique and great balance just like the pro’s!!
    Woofs & wags, Teagan x x

  2. Pandafur Says:

    Wow, you should win gold for dat purrformance!

    • niqqi Says:

      Hi Pandora!

      That’s sooo kind of you! It was a lot of fun! And trying it alone was like winning the gold!


  3. Lorenza Says:

    Lo hace mucho mejor que muchos de los que he visto particpando!

    • niqqi Says:

      ¡Hola Lorenza!

      ¡Te agradezco tus palabras de aliento! Estoy tratando de decir qué otro deporte tomar…tal vez patinaje sobre hielo… Lo voy a tener que pensar…


  4. Life With Dogs Says:

    Superb work! 🙂 Did you make the podium?

  5. Amber, Dawn, Snowy from Singapore Says:

    Woof! thanks for visiting and commenting our blog! nice meeting you! thanks for ur “snow”

    we really needed that on our “really” hot weather in Singapore!

    btw, we have linked you up!

  6. Barb Says:

    I do that with my Bichons too but I throw them on a blanket and drag them around. They love it

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