I Can’t Wait For Valentine’s Day!

I’m sooo exited about Valentine’s Day. I’ve already received some Valentine’s Day cards from my friends!


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4 Responses to “I Can’t Wait For Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Teddy Bear Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Teddy Bear

  2. Teagan Says:

    Wow, five cards and it’s not even the 14th yet!! I’ve only got one so far… my first ever… thank you so much!! I love it, I hope I get some more in the post!

  3. sammystory Says:

    Hi Niqqi:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I just heard about you from Teagan. Because I am a Bichon too. Except I am a Bichon Poodle. So I have some Bichon parts and some Poodle parts. And I am so excited to meet another Bichon. Because I don’t have any Bichon friends.

    I live with my Kind Friend – she’s a person. And I live with my Best Friend – he’s a Standard Poodle. But I have a lot of Standard Poodle friends – and other friends too, you can see and read about some of them on my website – but no Bichons!! So I am so glad I met you!

    Bye for now Niqqi …

    From Sammy

    • niqqi Says:

      Hi Sammy!

      Nice to meet you! I feel special that I’m your first bichon friend! It’s cool! You are very cute and I’d bet have many things to tell!

      Can’t wait to hear your stories!!!


      Your new friend across the pond

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