Halloween Is Almost Here – 4 Super Easy Dog Costumes You Can Make

Hello Friends!

It’s almost Halloween! If you haven’t found the right dog costume to wear for this great occasion, here are some last minute ideas you can make yourself…and there’s no sewing required

Disfraz de Dragon - Mujer Maravilla

Dragon Costume - Wonder Woman

Caperucita Roja - Hawaiana

Little Red Riding Hood - Hawaiian Hula Dancer

Just click to see English or Spanish instructions:

Dragon Costume / Disfraz de Dragón
Wonder Woman / Mujer Maravilla
Little Red Riding Hood / Caperucita Roja
Hawaiian Hula Dancer / Bailarina Hawaiana

Hope it comes in handy 😉



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5 Responses to “Halloween Is Almost Here – 4 Super Easy Dog Costumes You Can Make”

  1. Lorenza Says:

    English or spanish?? I am confused!
    Thanks for sharing those costumes and the instructions!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Brownie Says:

    oh my dog… you are TOO talented! Those are fabulous…

  3. Make Your Dog a Halloween Costume: 6 Doggone Funny Ideas | The Coolest Website on the Internet Says:

    […] of their doggies dressed up for the holiday! OMIDOG also has a page with doggie costume ideas. Niqqi has four easy costume ideas with instructions in English and Spanish. Squidoo has a whole page […]

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