Dragon Costume for Dogs – Super Easy to Make – No Sewing Required


This Halloween I will roar “trick or treat” and will definitely surprise my neighbors! This dragon costume was very easy to make.

First, we needed some measurements:

A  -  B

A - B

A – From my neck to my eyes; B – From my neck to my tail.

C  -  D

C - D

C – My tail front to back plus more if you want the dragon’s  tail longer;
D – Around my belly plus 2 inches. Then I divided that figure in half.

E  -  F

E - F

E – From my neck to the middle point of my front leg;
F – From the middle point of my front leg to the middle point of my hind leg.

H  -  G

H - G

H – My upper leg width; G – From my back down to where my legs start.

Once I took all the measurements, I laid them out on a piece of paper like this to make a pattern.



Then I cut out the parts I didn’t need.




*Green felt – This is the base for the costume, so make sure that you get a piece that’s at least the sum of measurements A, B & C, and twice the measurements of D
*Yellow felt for the triangular back plates
*Red and black felt for the eyes, nostrils and tongue
*Fabric glue, silicone glue and glue gun, or contact cement



Measure the green felt so that its length is the sum of measurements A, B and C, and its width is measurement D multiplied by 2. Fold in half lenghwise. Lay pattern over the felt. Cut out all excess material.


This is what it should look like when you’re done cutting.


Glue the tail together. Glue Velcro on the edges as shown.


Stuff the tail with filler or stuffing. Try on to make sure it fits.


To make the triangular plates, fold some yellow felt in half. The height will be at your discretion. Draw the triangular plates ans shown, leaving a little space in between them.


Cut and glue together.


Glue the triangular plates in place on the back of the costume.


Cut pieces of felt to make the eyes, nostril and tongue and glue in place.


This is what the finished piece should look like! Make a slit at the neck to fish through the collar ring.


This is what I look like from the front.


Ready to go Trick or Treating! (Hope I get some roaring good treats!!)


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6 Responses to “Dragon Costume for Dogs – Super Easy to Make – No Sewing Required”

  1. Teddy Bear Says:

    Very cute. Your Mom did a pawesome job!

  2. Ruby & Penny Says:

    That’s a great costume Niqqi. You look cute as a dragon.
    Love Ruby & Penny

    • niqqi Says:

      Hi Penny and Ruby!

      I’ll definitely be ready to trick…if no one want to treat! But somehow I don’t think that will be a problem!


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