Hawaiian Hula Dancer Dog Costume – Easy To Make: No Sewing Needed


My mom and I designed this Hawaiian hula dancer costume. It was really easy to make!

Niqqi's Hawaiian Hula Dancing Costume

First, make sure you get some measurements:

A - B
A – B

A – Around the chest * B – Around the waist

C - D

C - D

C – From the waist to the tail * D – Aroud the neck to the chest

These are the materials I used to make my Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

Cord or elastic
Flowery ribbon
Two seashells and pink paint
Two hydrangeas, or a store bought lei and wreath
Scissors, gluegun and gluesticks


Niqqi's mom cut a cord to go around her waist for the Hawaiian hula skirt. 1

1) Cut a cord with measurement “B” plus 4″
2) Paint two seashells pink

My mom mesured and cut the raffia for my Hawaiian hula dancer skirt. Niqqi's mom slipped a few raffia strands under the cord to make the Hawaiian hula dancer skirt.

3) Double up a bunch of raffia strands and cut at measurement “C”
4) Slip the strands of raffia under the cord or elastic

For Niqqi's hula dancer skirt, her mom makes a hoop and fishes the strands through. For Niqqi's Hawaiian hula skirt her mom makes a knot with the raffia over the cord.

5) Make a raffia hoop on one side of the raffia
6) Pass the loose strands through to the other side to tie a knot

Niqqi's mom ties a tight knot to make the Hawaiian hula skirt. Niqqi's mom makes a Hawaiian hula dancing skirt!

7) Make a tight knot
8) Repeat to make the skirt, leaving 2″ on either side

Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon. Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon.

9) Cut two pieces of ribbon: #1–measurement “A” plus 2″, #2– measurement “D” plus 2″, folding “D” in half
10) Slip ribbon “D” under ribbon “A”  and then through the hoop to make a tight knot

Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon. Niqqi's mom tries on her Hawaiian hula dancer costume for Halloween!

11) Glue some velcro to each end of the ribbon
13) Try on to make sure everything fits right

To finish Niqqi's Hawaiian hula dancing top, her mom glued some sea shells. Niqqi tries  on the Hawaiian hula dancer costume top

13) Glue the sea sells to the piece of ribbon for measurement “A”
14) Here Niqqi shows you what the top should look like when finished

Niqqi tries on the Hawaiian hula skirt, too! Niqqi's mom makes a lei for Niqqi by glueing some small flowers on a cord.

15) Tie the skirt around the waist
16) You can make a lei and a wreath by glueing small flowers onto a cord

Niqqi tries on her Hawaiian hula dress costume. Niqqi dances the hula dance in her new Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

17) Niqqi loves her Hawaiian hula dancer costume…so much that
18) She dances a hula dance!

This is Niqqi in her Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

Niqqi, the Hula Dancer

I also put the instructions up on YouTube!

I hope you can get to make a Hawaian hula dancer costume soon!   Let me know how you liked it!


Niqqi's Signature

PS: You can watch my hula dancing debut at my block party!


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13 Responses to “Hawaiian Hula Dancer Dog Costume – Easy To Make: No Sewing Needed”

  1. Lorenza Says:

    Hi, Niqqi!
    This is a pawesome post!
    Thanks for giving us the instructions to make the Hawaiian Hula Dancer costume!
    I will tell my grandma about it but I don’t think I would look like you!
    Kisses and hugs

    • niqqi Says:

      Hi Lorenza!

      You are the sweetest doggie ever! You always have something nice to say! Thank you for making me feel special! Glad you liked the costume!



  2. Gus n Jake Says:

    That’s sooo cute. Great craft project. Am struggling to see Jake in this outfit however. He would put on his long suffering face.

  3. niqqi Says:

    That’s sooo funny!!! I can just see Jake with the “long suffering face…” What will he be for Halloween?


  4. Mango Says:

    And it helps to have a mom who can actually figure stuff like that out.

    You look amazing.


  5. Pam Says:

    That is soooo cute, afraid mine dont even like wearing coats but Niqqi looks like she is enjoying it

  6. Brownie Says:

    Niqqi, thank you for visiting my bloggie!

    This is a GREAT post for a cute costume… and you are adowable in it! I can’t wait to get to know you better!

  7. Teddy Bear Says:

    Hi Niqqi,

    It is so great to meet you. You and your Mom did a great job on your hula costume.

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