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Hawaiian Hula Dancer Dog Costume – Easy To Make: No Sewing Needed

September 20, 2009

My mom and I designed this Hawaiian hula dancer costume. It was really easy to make!

Niqqi's Hawaiian Hula Dancing Costume

First, make sure you get some measurements:

A - B
A – B

A – Around the chest * B – Around the waist

C - D

C - D

C – From the waist to the tail * D – Aroud the neck to the chest

These are the materials I used to make my Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

Cord or elastic
Flowery ribbon
Two seashells and pink paint
Two hydrangeas, or a store bought lei and wreath
Scissors, gluegun and gluesticks


Niqqi's mom cut a cord to go around her waist for the Hawaiian hula skirt. 1

1) Cut a cord with measurement “B” plus 4″
2) Paint two seashells pink

My mom mesured and cut the raffia for my Hawaiian hula dancer skirt. Niqqi's mom slipped a few raffia strands under the cord to make the Hawaiian hula dancer skirt.

3) Double up a bunch of raffia strands and cut at measurement “C”
4) Slip the strands of raffia under the cord or elastic

For Niqqi's hula dancer skirt, her mom makes a hoop and fishes the strands through. For Niqqi's Hawaiian hula skirt her mom makes a knot with the raffia over the cord.

5) Make a raffia hoop on one side of the raffia
6) Pass the loose strands through to the other side to tie a knot

Niqqi's mom ties a tight knot to make the Hawaiian hula skirt. Niqqi's mom makes a Hawaiian hula dancing skirt!

7) Make a tight knot
8) Repeat to make the skirt, leaving 2″ on either side

Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon. Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon.

9) Cut two pieces of ribbon: #1–measurement “A” plus 2″, #2– measurement “D” plus 2″, folding “D” in half
10) Slip ribbon “D” under ribbon “A”  and then through the hoop to make a tight knot

Niqqi's mom makes the top for her Hawaiian hula dancer costume with ribbon. Niqqi's mom tries on her Hawaiian hula dancer costume for Halloween!

11) Glue some velcro to each end of the ribbon
13) Try on to make sure everything fits right

To finish Niqqi's Hawaiian hula dancing top, her mom glued some sea shells. Niqqi tries  on the Hawaiian hula dancer costume top

13) Glue the sea sells to the piece of ribbon for measurement “A”
14) Here Niqqi shows you what the top should look like when finished

Niqqi tries on the Hawaiian hula skirt, too! Niqqi's mom makes a lei for Niqqi by glueing some small flowers on a cord.

15) Tie the skirt around the waist
16) You can make a lei and a wreath by glueing small flowers onto a cord

Niqqi tries on her Hawaiian hula dress costume. Niqqi dances the hula dance in her new Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

17) Niqqi loves her Hawaiian hula dancer costume…so much that
18) She dances a hula dance!

This is Niqqi in her Hawaiian hula dancer costume.

Niqqi, the Hula Dancer

I also put the instructions up on YouTube!

I hope you can get to make a Hawaian hula dancer costume soon!   Let me know how you liked it!


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PS: You can watch my hula dancing debut at my block party!


Pilots-N-Paws: Rescued Dogs Fly To Freedom!

September 12, 2009

Hi Everyone!

September 12th to the 20th will be a week 5,000 of my fellow dogs will always remember!   For one, they will be flying in an airplane–most likely for the first time–but most importantly, it will be their flight to freedom.

Rommel And His Pilot Patrick

Rommel And His Pilot Patrick

Debi Boies is the co-founder of Pilots-N-Paws, a group of dedicated animal lover pilots who volunteer to fly dogs who are facing imminent demise to loving homes and no-kill shelters.  In an interview with Kate Snow of Good Morning America, Debi Boies said Pilots-N-Paws hopes to fly 5,000 animals this week.  The average trip costs about $2,000 per dog, but it’s tax deductible.  5,000 animals and a million smiles!

Pilots-N-Paws has already rescued thousands of animals.  Their stories are told in three incredible photo albums:  Album 1, Album 2, and Album 3.  Rommel’s voyage, “Saving Rommel,”  was also documented on YouTube and it’s worth watching!

So, if you don’t have an airplane and can’t volunteer for this outstanding mission, take your bike, take your car, the bus, or simply your feet.  There are many of us who would love a home today.  You have to take the first step.


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Niqqi’s Hula Dancing Video

September 7, 2009

Yesterday I had the chance to try out my Hawaiian hula dancing costume at our block party’s talent show.  Here I am:

I hope you enjoyed the show!

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Niqqi’s Hawaiian Hula Dancer Dog Costume

September 1, 2009

Hi Everyone!

With Halloween coming soon, I thought I’d get busy and start designing other costumes you can make at home. This is my latest one: A Hawaiian Hula Dancer. Instructions coming soon…

Niqqi in her Hawaiian Hula Dancer costume

Niqqi in her Hawaiian Hula Dancer costume

You can see more preview pictures in TwitPic and get step-by-step instructions here!
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