Who Will Be The Next Official White House Dog? An Open Letter To Malia And Sasha Obama

Dear Sasha and Malia:

It’s soooo cool that you will soon be welcoming a new member to your family!  I totally agree with you:  dogs are great addition!  It’s going to be a tough decision, I’m sure, because there are so many of us and so many that would love a home…white, pink, blue or whatever!   But I know your white house will be a little more special and your new pooch will probably enjoy some extra benefits–like chef-cooked meals…  Soooo lucky!!!

I don’t know what your options are, but I just did a search under Google and found lots of animal shelters in the Washington D.C. area, like the Washington Humane Society or the Washington Animal Rescue that may have that special “someone” you’ve been wishing for.  I thought I’d tell you–just in case. 

In the meantime, I’ve put together for you a Presidential Dog Gallery so that your new friend can check out his or her former predecessors.

Duke - Jack - Laddie Boy

Duke - Jack - Laddie Boy

King Tut - Rob Roy - Fala

King Tut - Rob Roy - Fala

Feller - Heidi - Shannon, Charlie, Clipper and Pushinka's Pups

Feller - Heidi - Shannon, Charlie, Clipper and Pushinka

Yuki - Blanco - Kim and Freckles

Yuki - Blanco - Kim and Freckles

Vicky, Pasha and King Timahoe - Checkers - Liberty

Vicky, Pasha and King Timahoe - Checkers - Liberty

Grits - Rex - Lucky

Grits - Rex - Lucky

Ranger - Millie - Buddy

Ranger - Millie - Buddy

Miss Beazley - Spotty - Barney

Miss Beazley - Spotty - Barney

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

Good luck girls, and have fun selecting the perfect candidate!

Always fluffy,


P.S. Just in chase, here are all the references for your consideration:

Duke – English Mastiff belonging to President Rutherford Hayes.  I found the information here.
Jack – Terrier (with Kermit Roosevelt) belonging to President Theodore Roosevelt.  I found the information here.
Laddie Boy – Airdale (with Florence Harding) belonging to President Warren Harding.  I found the information here.
King Tut – German Shepherd belonging to President Herbert Hoover.  I found the information here.
Rob Roy – White Collie belonging to President Calvin Coolidge.  I found this information here.
Fala – Scottish Terrier belonging to President Franklin Roosevelt. I found this information here.
Feller – Cocker Spaniel belonging to President Harry Truman. I found this information here.
Heidi – Weimaraner belonging to President Dwight Eisenhower. I found this information here.
Shannon, Charlie and Clipper – Irish Spaniel, Welsh Terrier and German Shepherd belonging to President John Kennedy. I found this information here.
Yuki, Blanco, Kim and Freckles – Mixed breed, White Collie and Beagles belonging to President Lyndon Johnson.  I found this information here.
Vicky, Pasha, King Timahoe and Checkers – Poodle, Terrier, Irish Setter and Cocker Spaniel belonging to President Richard Nixon.  I found this information here and here.
Liberty – Golden Retriever belonging to President Gerald Ford.  I found this information here.
Grits – Mixed Breed (with Amy Carter) belonging to President Jimmy Carter. I found this information here.
Rex and Lucky – King Charles Spaniel and Bouvier des Flandres belonging to President Ronald Raegan. I found this information here.
Ranger and Millie – English Springer Spaniels belonging to President George H. Bush. I found this information here and here.
Buddy – Labrador Retriever belonging to President Bill Clinton. I found this information here.
Miss Beazley, Barney and Spotty – Scottish Terriers and English Springer Spaniel belonging to President George W. Bush. I found this information here.


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9 Responses to “Who Will Be The Next Official White House Dog? An Open Letter To Malia And Sasha Obama”

  1. Three Musketeers Says:

    Yeah ! 3 Sister ! But will it be such a pain !
    I am the only boy at home , will that be a little unfair ?
    Never mind ! At least I still have Daddy ! BOL !

    Doggies Smoochies ,
    4 Musketeers

  2. Ruby the Mini Dachshund Says:

    Hi Niqqi
    What a good post. Lots of research went into this one. Whatever dog the Obama’s adopt will be one lucky pup.
    See you soon.
    Love Ruby

  3. niqqi Says:

    Dear Ruby~

    Thank you! I really like research and the Internet makes it very rewarding because there’s soooo much information!

    I hope your “stinky breath” issue has been resolved!

    Fluffs & hugs,


  4. niqqi Says:

    To the 4 Musketeers:

    There never too many!!!! Have fun together!

    Love & fluffs,


  5. Amber-Mae Says:

    Interesting post! My hoomans were just talking about what Obama should get. Well to us, he doesn’t look like a guy who suits a small breed dog. He looks like a guy who needs a big, friendly, well trained, well socialized dog. I say the Golden is the best breed for him but then his daughter is kinda allergic to long haired breeds. So I don’t know which one he’ll choose but whatever he gets, hopefully he gets a big dog.

    Not feeling well,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. niqqi Says:

    Funny, Amber-Mae!! I know it’ll be quite a decision. Maybe they should get more than one…one big, one small, one medium sized… Pretty lucky, nonetheless!



  7. Lorenza Says:

    Hi, Niqqi!
    I can’t wait to meet the new member of the presidential family!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. niqqi Says:

    Hola Lorenza!

    I can’t wait either! The White House is sooo big, that maybe they should consider a few!

    Laughs and fluffs,


  9. The Russian WolfHound | Dog Information Says:

    Hello Niqqi!

    The puppy will be a lucky one, indeed!

    Cheers from the U.K.

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