My Friends and I Dressed Up For Halloween. Check Out These Funny Dog Costumes!

Hey Everyone!
My doggie friends and I were definitely ready for Halloween.  We had a TON OF FUN and we got lots of yummy treats!  Check out some of the costumes!  (Note:  To be totally fair in this election year, I’ve listed them alphabetically.)
Some of us are participating in the Dogs with Blogs Halloween Contest, and you can pick your favorite costume by voting…which is a good way to practice for November 4th.

Amber-Mae is a spooky mummy

Bolo in shining armor

Cody is a dead ringer for Ringo!

Kingsley is Minnie Mouse

Laney as Lois Lane Discovers Superman’s Identity!

Mango buzzes around!

This is me, Niqqi, dressed up as Little Bo-Peep

Riley: Even dragons need a snooz once in a while…

Ruby Bleu is proof that dragonflies come in all sizes!

Ruby the Mini Dachshund mooos it like it is!

Rusty surely brings you luck!

Sweepy says: Guess what I am!

Remembering Bumble Bee T-Man Angel

Halloween was fun!
Fluffy tail wags,


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19 Responses to “My Friends and I Dressed Up For Halloween. Check Out These Funny Dog Costumes!”

  1. Ruby the Mini Dachshund Says:

    Happy Halloween Niqqi
    I love your Bo-Peep costume. Your extremely cute.

    Love Ruby

  2. niqqi Says:

    Thank you, Ruby. My friend Silvia made it.



  3. rileythepuggle Says:

    Happy (late) Halloween Niqqi!

    We’re all some pretty stylish dogs!


  4. Leonardo Fetuccine Fitzwilly Says:

    Hi, I’m Leo. Loved your blog and all the outfits. I”ll try to get the hang of this, as soon as my humans get the hang of this!!!!!!! (it may take awhile!!!). They unfortunaley are pretty “low tech”!. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

    Keep up the good work, talk to you soon.

    Gute Nacht meine Liebe


    P.S. I’m a Dachshund

  5. niqqi Says:

    Hi Leonardo!

    That’s very impressive! No one ever said good night to me in German! Wow!

    Well, keep up the work with your humans!! There’s is hope for them.

    Fluffs & kisses,


  6. niqqi Says:

    Hey Riley!

    I second your motion!!!

    Hope you had a good one (and that you were awake for some of it!



  7. Ruby Says:


    Thanks so much for posting my picture Niqqi!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. niqqi Says:

    You’re welcome, Ruby!

    Fluffy tail wags,


  9. The three Musketeers Says:

    Thanks for posting my picture up Niqqi !
    Yeah ! I sure have lots of fun at Club4Paws (:

    Have a wonderful day 😀

    Lots of Love ,
    Cody 😀

  10. niqqi Says:

    Hi Cody!

    It sounds as if that’s an awesome place!!! Maybe when I visit Singapore…
    Say “Hi” to Lady & Zena.



  11. The three Musketeers Says:

    Sure hope you can come to Singapore 1 day (:
    By the way , thanks fer signing our guestbook (:

    Lots of Love ,
    Three Musketeers

  12. niqqi Says:

    Fabulous!!! I’ll start packing my suitcase!
    And you’re welcome!



  13. Laney Says:

    Thanks for posting my picture!
    You look great in your costume too!

  14. niqqi Says:

    Thank you, Laney!

    Lots of fluffs,


  15. T-man's mom Says:

    You make a beautiful Miss Little Boo Peep!! Your mom is a very talented seamstress!

    Thanks for posting T-man Angel’s photo. I really missed him this Halloween.

    T-man’s mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

  16. niqqi Says:

    Thank you, T-Man’s Mom!

    Actually, my mom came up with the idea…but my friend Silvia made it. She is very talented!

    Hugs & Fluffs,


  17. Jennifer Says:

    Niqqi is so adorable!!! I have a little girl Bichon too, that looks just like Niqqi, her name is Bridget and for this years Halloween she was a Princess she even had the pointed Princess headpiece and the entire costume was all in pink. It was soooooo cute!!! =D
    Thanks again for the adorable pictures!!!
    And again Niqqi is adorable she looks exactly like my Bridget…hehe!!! =D

    • niqqi Says:

      Hi Jen!

      Maybe Bridget and I are long lost twins! You should send me a picture of Bridget in her princess costume so that I can post it, too!


  18. Kat Says:


    I love the Little Bo Peep costume! Did you make it yourself? Its amazing.


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