Easy To Make Wonder Woman Dog Costume – No Sewing Required


This is me--Wonder Woman!
This is me–Wonder Woman!

“Wonder Woman!” Can you hear me sing?  My friend Silvia created this awesome Wonder Woman costume for me to wear on Halloween.  It was done in no time and it’s really easy to make.


A - B

A - B

C - D

C - D

My mom took 4 measurements: A–from my neck to my tail; B–midpoint between my neck and my tail; C–around my belly; D–a T intersecting the measurement between the top of my front legs and the measurement from my neck to that line and drew a line where the cut outs should be for my legs.


Glue gun & glue sticks
Tape measure
Velveteen in both red and blue, about 1/2 yard each
Gold ribbon, blue ribbon
A file folder or white cardboard
Gold cardboard or gold paint


1) Skirt: Cut a rectangle of blue velveteen.  Length: two times of measurement C plus 4″.  Width: Measurement B plus 3-4″.  Bodice: Cut a rectangle out of red velveteen.  Length: measurement C plus 2″. Width: Measurement B plus 1″;
2) Glue ribbon to one of the long edges of the blue skirt.  Gather by gluing so that the finish size equals that of the red bodice fabric;

3) Glue skirt onto bodice as shown;
4) Fold fabric.  From fold, mark measurement D and draw a triangle for the front legs to come through;

5) Make sure to leave a strip at the top.  This will tie around the neck when finished;
6) Measure up about 5 or 6″ on the open side and draw a semicircle.  This is done so that the skirt doesn’t drag;

7) Mark measurement A from the top of the dress.  Draw and cut out a hole for the tail to come through;
8) Try on.

9) Cut out stars out of a file folder or white cardboard and glue on skirt. Cut a piece of velcro that’s as long as the dress.  Glue one side to the top edge and another to the oposite bottom edge.  Make sure it works BEFORE gluing;
10) Draw a tiara out of cardboard and paint it gold…or buy gold cardboard.  Cut a star out of the red fabric and glue on.  Glue 2 pieces of elastic: one from end to end, and another one to go under the dog’s face;

11) Close up of the tiara;
12) Make bracelets out of ribbon.  Secure with velcro;

12) The work day begins! Let’s go catch bad guys!
13) I’m getting ready to take off flying!

14) Stand up to be ready for anything!
15) I think I see a bad guy up on the roof!

16) Recount the day.  It was a good one!  Now let’s go out trick-or-treating!

Have fun!


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7 Responses to “Easy To Make Wonder Woman Dog Costume – No Sewing Required”

  1. rileythepuggle Says:

    The wonder woman costume is definitely my favorite!

    You look super cool!

    Lots of Licks,

  2. niqqi Says:

    Thank you, Riley!

    I have to go save the world! I’ll catch up with you when I get back!

    Fluffy forever,


  3. medicallyblonde2 Says:

    What a cutie! I love the costume!

  4. niqqi Says:

    Thank you very much!


  5. libarktarian Says:

    Niqqi, or should I say Wonder Puppy!

    Thanks for a great costume. Are you going to save Dewey from scary Halloween monsters?

  6. niqqi Says:

    Dear Libarktarian:

    You betcha!


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